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A total list of all of my Products.

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Birdhouses and Feeders

All birdhouses are fully functional, and all separate compartments can be opened and cleaned. Except B103 and B105, which are just decorative. The shape, style, and size are always consistent but colors will vary as wood and tin are always the original color.

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Botanical Flower Pictures

Frames are handmade, wood is original color trim and baseboard, Never re-painted. Picture size is 8x10, all pictures are professionally framed and finished. Types of flowers will vary.

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Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

Door knob coat hooks come in different lengths and styles, be sure to indicate which style you are interested in. All materials are unique and in original color embossed ceiling tin and hardware.

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Ugly Fish

True folk art for home and garden. Comes in assorted fun colors, or polka dots. Wood bodies with tin fins and bottle cap eyes. Very funky!

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Crimped Sap Pails

The original sap pails are cut and crimped. Often replacing wreaths this product is suitable for live flowers. Looks great indoors or out. Available in red, cream, mustard, sage and burgundy.

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Embossed Tin Stools and Benches

Both products have embossed tin and spindle legs in original color, legs unscrew for easy storage without the use of any tools. Tin is covering 2 inches of pine.

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Embossed Tin Shelves

Embossed tin is original color; with vintage barn board tops and solid pine backs. Features keyhole slots on the back for easy hanging. They come in small and large.

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Embossed Tin Mirrors

Always original color embossed ceiling tin, covering pine frames. Mirror sizes include 8x10, 6x20, 12"round, 6x20 arched, 12x14 and 12x12. Custom sizes possible.

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Embossed Tin Bags and Cones

Embossed tin cones and embossed tin bags are always original color. Barn roofing planters come in assorted shapes, sizes and colors available upon request.

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Embossed Tin Hearts

Small and large, easy to hang, often replacing wreaths. Always comes in original color and patterns, never retouched or painted.

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Embossed Tin Stars

Always original color, small or large.

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Giant Barn Stars

3-d, great for indoors or out. Easy to hang, comes in small or large. Painted in Cream, black, burgundy, red, sage, and original rust.

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